Thursday, 9 February 2012

Revisions, Revisions, Revisions

I haven’t had much of a chance to write anything new and original so far this week.  I’ve been concentrating on getting my novel revised to make my heroine stronger.  Aside from the first few chapters, it’s not too difficult, just time consuming.  It’s more on the level of nuance than straight out rewriting. 

It’s been good going over it, especially since I made some major plot changes in the last revision and this reminds me of them.  But I miss doing up new stuff.  Still, I tell myself this is the kind of discipline I would need to get changes in on time to a publisher. 

I’m actually having a bit of a dilemma.  I have two potential new projects to work on.  One would be the sequel to the book I’m currently revising and another is a completely different story.  Should I start writing the sequel (I have an outline ready) or should I concentrate on developing the new story so that I can have more than one manuscript ready?  It’s a difficult question for me.  I should probably ask someone in the writer’s group for advice.

But first I need to finish the revisions so that I’ve got a good version of the story ready for the pitching workshop next month.

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