Monday 6 February 2012

ORWA Brunch and a Limerick Victory

Yesterday was the ORWA (Ottawa Romance Writer’s Association) Valentine Day brunch.  This is my first year with ORWA and I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a lovely time.  The group has been very friendly and supportive.

They gave out awards to those who had their first book published in the last year and they all gave a little speech about their experiences.  It’s very encouraging to me, since I’d like to be a published writer.  It was wonderful to see how openly excited everyone was.  This was their dream and it’s come true.  How many times in life do you get to see that?

And, fun for me, I won the Limerick Laugh-In contest.  Technically it was a tie but since the other person wasn’t there, they let me be the sole winner.  Here was my entry:

He is a male paragon.
With him, you’ll never go wrong.
Broad shoulders, strong chest,
Dark eyes and the rest
You’ll find as we go along.

Maybe he’ll ride a white steed.
Or a motorcycle might be his speed.
Shirt half undone.
All part of the fun.
Danger and sex are his creed.

Sensitive and charming, it’s said.
And knows his way round a bed.
There’s just one flaw
With that chiseled jaw.
He only exists in my head!

Perhaps it’s a little silly but it gives me some renewed confidence.  Actual writers, strangers who don’t know me, liked my work.  And I got a compliment from Maggie saying she liked my voice and was looking forward to the next revisions to my chapters.  Yay to me.

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