Monday 13 February 2012

Confessions of a Reader

I love stories.  I love a good story no matter what form it takes: movie, TV show, graphic novel, book, short story, anything.  My house shows the evidence of my obsession.  As of today, I have over 2000 titles in my library, over 500 DVDs and VHS cassettes, including several series.  (I know VHS is seriously old school, but some stuff just isn’t available on DVD).  And about 30 graphic novels/comic trade paperbacks.  And I’ve read them all.  There’s nothing that stays on my shelves which I don’t go back and re-read at least two or three times.

I can’t imagine a life without books.  I’ve gone to people’s houses and seen their entire collection consists of a dozen volumes or less.  When I was younger and more obnoxious, I used to ask where they were hiding their books.  Because I just couldn’t imagine that they didn’t have them.  When I read statistics that say a survey shows that some Americans haven’t read a single book in the last year, my mouth gapes open and my instinctive reaction is to say: they must have misunderstood the question.

I was reading an article about a social networking site called Goodreads, which is for readers.  Now, I am social networking challenged by any definition of the term.  I’ll be honest and say they befuddle me.  Granted, I haven’t spent a lot of time trying to figure them out, but it’s not something I grasp intuitively.  However, this one looks like a good one to try, since it’s dedicated to books.  I love books, I love talking about books.  This could work.  But carving out the time to do it might be more of a challenge.  But I’ll keep it on my list of things to try.

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