Monday, 30 January 2012

Not Great Weekend

Last week, Alex had a rough time at school.  I was hoping a visit to the dentist would cheer him up.  (It’s not as dumb as it sounds, he loves the elevators at the dentist.)  But the weekend came and he was still very aggressive and non-cooperative.

It’s so hard to try and figure out what’s bothering him.  It could be something which triggered him and started him on a spiral.  Or it could be something continuous.  Usually we can break the spirals but this time, we’re not having any luck, which makes me think it’s something continuous.  But I can’t think of something continuous.

He had been doing so well that I was planning to try expanding his very limited diet again.  That’s off the table now.  Whatever else is going on, school has to be the priority.  Which means we try and make home as smooth and comforting as possible.  He’s only got so much tolerance (as do we all).

I know most seven year olds don’t have insight into their behaviour but they can at least tell a parent if they have a headache or their stomach hurts.  I don’t get those cues.  Unless its an exterior symptom, I won’t know about it.  It makes it very frustrating.

On the plus side, we did get the hardware for the swing back up so I can show it to Alex after school.  Maybe that will help.  I can only hope.

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